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The ancestors from Europe, Asia and Africa all helped in shaping Jamaica to what it is today, a multitalented mosaic of intercontinental traditions and customs. This rich heritage is depicted in the symbols and emblems of the nation. One could say that the Jamaica flag meaning truly summarizes the past and instill hope for future generations.

For instance, the vibrant colors has inspired many people to create beautiful designs with the flag and this is shown in art works, drawings on map, books, souvenirs and countless others. There is always a story to be told and the meaning is always of one’s belief in self, fellow Jamaicans and the country at large.

This island is like a natural inspiration with the lofty mountains spilling onto lush plains, the land gleaming in multicolor and shimmering white sands bordering the bright blue seas. Add this to the beautiful people with brash, bubbly and bold personalities coming all over the world to give a gamut of customs, traditions and skin tones. The rich heritage and culture of this country provides an overabundance of untold stories, images and ideas.

Some of the stories behind the Jamaica flag meaning also tell of its tempestuous birth. It is said that a number of proposals were given as sketches, including one from a clergyman that used the cross of Saint Andrews with colors added to it. Then, there was also another design given with horizontal stripes and this was approved by those in authority at the time, although it bare similarities to the Tanganyika flag. This was a nation in African, the name has since changed.

The proposal for the original design of the flag was said to have included some reference of Union Jack, supposedly with blue color, but this had caused some concerns in parliament and therefore was not adopted. The colors of Jamaica was said to be adopted from the African Congress in the year of 1925, but is believed that it existed in Jamaica long before that time. So, what resulted after all these proposals and sketches was a contest that was held publicly for the design of the flag in 1962.
Now, we have the official national flag that is being used today from the country became Independent on August 6, 1962.

As you can see from the image above, the gold cross on the diagonal, the triangles are in black and green. This is the design that triumphed and it also loved by the Jamaican people today, as well as persons all over the world.

The colors of the Jamaican flag symbolizes that the land is green, strong people and the shining sun. The black is depicting the creativity and strength of the people, the green is for agricultural resources and continued hope and the gold is for the beautiful sunshine and natural resources.

One has to understand the impact that the Jamaica flag meaning have on the people, whether at home or abroad, to grasp why everyone is so passionate about it. I know you must have seen how it is flown at any event, function or any other public appearances where a Jamaica is present. If you are visiting the island when there is a sporting event or special function, you will see a number of people with their small flags and a wide variety of other items all bearing the colorful design.
Always, Always in support of their fellow countrymen, cheering all the way, win, draw or lose!

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